Key and Peele use a rapper's lyrics against him in murder investigation (VIDEO)

Comedy Central’s Key and Peele parody the real world issue of rap lyrics being used against an artist under suspicion of a real world crime.

Don’t laugh, this actually happens.

In 2012, rapper Lil Boosie saw his lyrics to a song entitled “187,” recorded just two hours before a fatal shooting involving the artist, used against him in court during a murder trial.

Incidents such as these have even led to a case where a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice even quoted Eminem in court.

On the flip-side, last year the New Jersey Supreme Court held that rap lyrics couldn’t be used as evidence unless they include a “strong nexus” to the crime under investigation.  This came in the trial of would-be rapper Vonte Skinner who wrote violent lyrics years in advance of a 2008 attempted murder charge.

Watch the video and see when Gun Rack crosses that “strong nexus” line in the murder of Darnell Simmons.

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