Man arrested after forcing his way inside home to remove Confederate flag

Confederate flag

A Wisconsin man was arrested Friday afternoon and is facing multiple charges after he unlawfully entered a Racine home and assaulted the homeowner before attempting to remove a Confederate flag hanging in the home’s bathroom window.

Tajaun Boatner, 37, first went to the house and politely asked the owner to remove the flag that was initially hanging in a front kitchen window. The homeowner removed the flag, but moved it to a less conspicuous bathroom window instead.

Not satisfied, Boatner then confronted the homeowner for a second time and an argument ensued, during which time the homeowner called Boatner a racial slur. Boatner allegedly reacted by pushing the woman down and entered her home to remove the Confederate flag himself.

When officers arrived on the scene a short time later, Boatner was reportedly uncooperative and argumentative, even kicking at officers as they attempted to place him in a patrol car.

Boatner was charged with criminal trespassing, misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, misdemeanor theft and obstructing an officer.

[ The Journal Times ]

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