Can you identify 3 of the rarest and weirdest 9mm pistols? (VIDEO)

The National Firearms Museum goes over a trio of what has to be some of the most oddball 9 millies ever made.

Museum Director Jim Supica and NRA News Producer John Popp get educated by Major Richard Keogh (ret.) on this set of interesting guns at the Tulsa Arms Show.

They start off with a rare Dreyse 9mm, which is an upgraded version of their hairdryer-ish blowback .32 they marketed for decades.

Next comes a Tarn 9mm. Not a “darn 9mm” but a Tarn 9mm made for the Free Polish Forces in Great Britain during World War II. As just nine of these babies were made before the Brits told those concerned to knock it off, this exiled Pole is hard to come by so tune in for that.

The third is an Australian Felk. We’re not even gonna touch that one.

Anyway. The more you know…

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