Children love guns, but must be taught safety (VIDEO)

The Miramar Air Show is an annual air show held at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California. The three-day event is the largest military air show in the United States, with a total annual attendance estimated at 700,000 people. It was voted the World’s Best Military Air Show by the International Council of Air Shows and yes, Top Gun was filmed there too.

I went to film the jets. They are mind-blowingly awesome. I highly recommend airshows for anyone that appreciates high-perfomance machines. Don’t forget hearing protection.

As I was filming, I couldn’t help but notice swarms of kids surrounding tables full of M-16s, M-249s, M-240s and other weapons on display by the Marine Corps. The kids were hoisting them in the air and laughing and having a great time. They wanted to play with them. It was natural. Kids love guns. And their parents were snapping photos and having a great time too. It was nice to see.

Children enjoying weapons at Miramar Air Show. (Photos by Ben Philippi)

Unfortunately, most of the children displayed little to no firearm safety and it got me to thinking that if only kids were taught, like they used to be, how to safely and responsibly handle firearms, then there would be a lot less accidental shootings. Guns would be respected, not feared.

Afterall, we teach our kids about safe sex because many of them are going to have sex. Shouldn’t we teach our kids how to safely handle firearms since many of them are going to come into contact with them or own one at some point in time?

Just my two cents. Enjoy the video.

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