Top gang member found hiding in car trunk (VIDEO)

One of Salt Lake City’s 10 most wanted fugitives is behind bars after they found him hiding in the trunk of a car traveling through West Valley City, Utah, Wednesday.

Rubel Gregory Quintana, 24, who goes by the street name “Rebel,” was wanted on several felonies, including multiple counts of attempted murder, felony discharge of a firearm and robbery.

Unified Police Department Lt. Lex Bell described Quintana as “someone who’s constantly armed, who has in the past shot at people… and involved in robberies and fleeing from police,” adding that they are “really happy” to have him off of the streets.

Acting on a tip, authorities initiated a traffic stop for Quintana’s 23-year-old brother, Joseph. They found Quintana hiding in the trunk of the car and he was subsequently arrested, as was Joseph for obstruction of justice and paasenger, Nicole Renteria, for possession of heroin.

[ KSL ]

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