Dublin airport seizes toddler's 'Despicable Me' fart gun over security concerns

fart gun

This is not the actual fart gun confiscated by authorities, but rather a rendition of the toy in question.

A mom traveling with her 3-year-old son from the UK to Ireland was a bit shocked to have her son’s “Despicable Me” fart gun confiscated as they made their way through airport security.

The security officer – who even admitted his own child has a similar fart blaster at home – explained to the mother and her tot that the “trigger mechanism” was against policy and therefore would not be allowed on the airplane, despite the fact that it only made farting noises and didn’t actually emit farts.

A friend of the mother later gave the airport a shout-out via Twitter saying they should give the toy back to the heartbroken kid. The Dublin Airport responded to the tweet and suggested the mother contact the airport on her return flight.

Nonetheless, the boy’s mother suggested to airport security that “sometimes common sense and compassion can be employed.”

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