Man armed with pellet gun attempts to stop gunmen who just killed his neighbor (VIDEO)

Jacob Kervin carries a pellet gun with him wherever he goes, and when he heard gunshots outside of his Jonesboro, Georgia, apartment Thursday night, he went looking for the shooting suspects.

Kervin later told reporters the suspects had “pole-vaulted off of the back porch 7 foot, 8 foot drop,” before they turned their attention and ran toward Kervin, who subsequently drew his own weapon and fired four rounds.

“Might have missed because it didn’t do anything to them,” he said.

In spite of Kervin’s attempts to stop them, the suspects got away, and Kervin later found his neighbor dead. Kervin said the victim, who he had only seen once before, was lying face down when he checked for a pulse, but there was nothing. The 36-year-old victim, whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities said it appeared to be a home invasion.

[ WSB-TV ]

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