YouTube gun channels read mean comments (VIDEO)

Some gun channel icons team up to read a few of the worst and NSFW comments dropped for them on YouTube.

In a take off on Kimmel’s mean tweets segments, a number of YouTube’s gun channel personalities to include Royal Nonesuch, Mattv2099, Polenar Tactical and the AK Guy get together and explore the shady keyboard commando underbelly that is today’s digital experience.

And somebody gets waterboarded in the process for talking smack.

Caution: Language, AK/AR hate, enhanced interrogation techniques and just general chest thumping abound in the video, so if you are the sensitive type, click away and do it fast.

But if you like to see Manca from Polenar Tactical trash talk, keep watching.

And thankfully, nobody shoves any food in anything and tries to shoot it.

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