Violent struggle between robber and CCL-holder caught on video (VIDEO)

An attempted robbery at a Philadelphia deli on Aug. 9 ended in a single gunshot erupting and the robber walking out empty handed when the would-be victim turned out to be more of a hassle than the suspect was looking for.

The incident, which was all captured on surveillance video, occurred just after midnight. The suspect can be seen walking up behind the victim, who authorities later confirmed was legally carrying a concealed handgun, and tried to rob him.

Although the victim was armed, a struggle ensued and the suspect was able to gain control of the victim’s weapon before firing a single shot. No one was struck by the bullet and the victim continued to struggle with the suspect, eventually chasing him out the door, empty-handed.

Based on the images captured from the surveillance video, authorities believe they know the identity of the suspect and are working to obtain a warrant.

[ NBC Philadelphia ]

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