Arsenal SLR-107 rifles are back!

Arsenal, Inc. announced the return of their flagship SLR-107 stamped receiver rifle in with six solid variants. These rifles are all chambered for 7.62x39mm and are considered some of the best AK-pattern rifles available today.

Arsenal of Bulgaria, who supplies Arsenal in Las Vegas, Nevada, stopped taking orders for commercial sales earlier this year in order to deal with increased military demands. Arsenal supplies rifles to militaries throughout the Middle East who are struggling to replenish their armories in the ongoing War on Terror.

The good news is that the wait was short, lasting only for three months, and Arsenal has a full spread of SLR107 rifles, the not-so-good news is that this is a short run, so if you want one in the near future you should buy sooner rather than later. Supplies may still be limited in the foreseeable future.

The six models are the spitting image of their military counterparts, built on Bulgarian stamped 1mm steel receivers and Arsenal’s famous chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrels. They include a complete set of compliant parts including U.S.-made two-stage fire control group, military-grade polymer handguards, side-folding buttstocks and one-piece 24mm muzzle brakes.

Each rifle ships with all of the above, a cleaning rod and cleaning kit, oil bottle, sling, and 10-round magazine. These rifles use standard AK-47 magazines and drums.

The SLR-107 run includes the Model 31 with standard black furniture, the Model 32 with plum furniture and the Model 33 with desert sand furniture. The Model 34 has a black polymer handguard and triangle side-folding buttstock and lastly, the Model 36 has an Arsenal quad rail and black stock.

The basic SLR-107-31 lists at $999 and they top out at $1,149 for the Model 36. Unlike many other firearms Arsenal rifles are commonly priced at or close to MSRP, although if you ask about any SLR-107 owner and they’ll say it was worth every penny.

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