Sit down for a coversation with a Korean War frogman (VIDEO)

Harold Dunnigan went from the Navy Reserves to active duty via Underwater Demolition Team Class 6 and on to serve in the Korean War as a combat frogman.

Predecessors of today’s SEAL teams, the UDTs of World War II, Korea and Vietnam were elite combat swimmers trained to haunt the enemies beaches and perform reconnaissance then, just before amphibious invasions, destroy obstacles and mines with a pinch of demo charge and a little luck.

Those in Korea not only ran operations along the North Korean coasts blowing up railroad bridges and tunnels, they also were instrumental in pulling off Operation Chromite: the amphibious landing at Inchon; as well as later clearing Wonsan harbor of mines while under enemy fire.

And Harold Dunnigan was there in the surf line.

“This is not a John Wayne thing…”

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