FPS Russia is back, and has a remote weapon station (VIDEO)

Ever want to get some trigger time in but just can’t be bothered with getting out of your comfy chair to do so? That’s when you need to go remote.

The Paradigm SRP Talon is a gyro-stabilized military-grade universal weapons mount, and somehow FPS Russia got one to play with. We are talking automatic digital attitude data corrections, high speed servo motors via a custom engineered and programmed circuit board, an integrated HD monitor on the fire control system– just beautiful technology that is making an ISIS true-believer somewhere question that whole 72 virgins thing.

All kidding aside, the military has long-used remote weapon stations to allow topside gunners in MRAPs and hummers to remain buttoned up inside the vehicle while hosing down enemy contacts without having to risk a lot of AK love coming back in their face.

The Talon used by FPS Russia looks so simple, its just sick. The only suggestion we have is to add a Phased Plasma rifle in a 40 watt range for those hard to reach places.

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