Hickok45 gets up close with the Smith and Wesson Governor

Smith’s take on the Taurus Judge series, the Governor is a Z-framed snubbie that takes .45ACP, .45 Long Colt and, oh yeah, .410 shotgun shells– and Hickok45 runs it in a target rich environment.

The Governor came on the heels of the great .410 caliber revolver Renaissance started by the MIL Thunder 5 (ever seen the movie Three Kings?) in 1991 and evolving into the Taurus 4410 Tracker (which later became better known as the Judge), the vaporware Charter Arms Big Dawg, and then finally into the beautiful stretched Smith N-frame you see in Hickok45’s hands.

However, the S&W wheelgun does one better as it uses .45ACP in moon clips to give it an ammo option for when you get tired of blasting Listerine bottles with .410s.

Whoops, spoiler alert.

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