Mesa Tactical Urbino stock for Beretta 1301 now shipping

Mesa Tactical and Beretta USA have teamed up to offer the Beretta 1301 Tactical with the Urbino pistol grip stock. The Urbino has been a popular upgrade for a wide range of shotguns including Remington, Mossberg and Benelli shotguns. The stock is also sold separately for shooters looking to upgrade their 1301 shotguns.

The Urbino is a compact fixed buttstock with a 12.5-inch length of pull. It can lengthened with extended buttpads including SuperCell and Limbsaver buttpads and it can be fit with an optional adjustable cheek riser for use with optics. It also adds two more sling attachment points in addition to the rear sling mount.

The Tactical models is the 1301 developed for self-defense and duty. It sports a rear ghost ring sight and interchangeable front sight blade instead of traditional shotgun beads and it has a rail for optics that’s perfect compact red dot sights.

mesa tactical urbino beretta 1301 (2)

Shell carrier not included. (Photo: Mesa)

The 1301 is a newer Beretta design for serious shooters looking for a hard-use semi-auto shotgun that can go a long time without needing cleaning or maintenance. Thanks to the “Blink” gas piston system it has low recoil and a very high cyclic rate for extremely fast follow up shots.

Urbino stocks can be bought directly from Mesa Tactical for anyone having problems sourcing one locally. They’re offered with the three buttpad options, standard, SuperCell and Limbsaver with and without the cheek riser, ranging from $115 for the basic stock up to $170, depending on the configuration.

Shotguns shipping from Beretta with factory Urbino stocks are priced in-line with other Beretta 1301 shotguns with a small price premium, listing for between $900 and $1,000.

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