Dig this semi-auto 12 gauge that can burp out 30 shots in 8 seconds (VIDEOS)

It’s the Fostech Arms Origin 12 tactical shotgun, a folding-stock gun that has been in development for the past couple years, and it looks pretty groovy.

The Origin 12 first popped up at the 2013 SHOT Show and, with its very-AR/AK mutant look, low recoil and side-folding stock, it’s eye catching despite being north of $2,000 MSRP.

The video above by firearms photographer extraordinaire Oleg Volk and posted last week shows a mag dump from the Origin 12 equipped with a Silencerco Salvo suppressor and Trijicon RX30 sight.

The one below is a slightly older video that gives you a close up of the action of the gun while displaying its gentle (for a 12 gauge) recoil.

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