Florida woman arranged murder for hire over head lice

Pamela Vandorsdale

Pamela Vandorsdale admitted to saying she wanted her daughter’s homeless boyfriend dead, but claimed she was only being funny, making a joke when she discussed his death in detail.

Fed up with head lice and some gross behaviors, one Florida woman put a hit out on the homeless man she believed was responsible for the tiny parasitic insects, but the man enlisted to perform the hit turned her into authorities instead.

Pamela Vanorsdale, 50, was apparently irritated that her daughter’s children returned home with head lice after spending time with the daughter’s homeless boyfriend, 22-year-old Dylan Loveless. So in order to nip the problem in the bud, Vanorsdale asked her ex-son-in-law, Daniel Dionne, to kill Loveless, who she also accused of abusing the children and making sexually suggestive comments towards them.

Dionne reported the request to authorities, including details of how Vandorsdale offered to let him use her .25-caliber handgun and just two bullets, because – since Loveless is a small man – that is all it would take if they were placed “in the head and chest.”

Vanorsdale also told Dionne that he could lure Loveless away from the homeless camp where he had been staying by enticing him with an offer for work, kill him, then dump the body in South Carolina. The woman instructed Dionne to return the gun to her after the job was done, so she could clean it and make it appear as if the gun was never fired.

Vandorsdale had already scheduled a meeting to hand over the gun to Dionne when he contacted authorities, and once the investigation was launched, Vandorsdale’s husband gave authorities the .25-caliber handgun at the center of his wife’s discussions.

Vandorsdale was arrested and charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, but was released on a $25,000 bail.

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