Magpul Enhanced FSP and SL Buttpad now shipping

MBUS Pro Enhanced Sight Post

The two profiles of the Enhanced Sight Post and the Enhanced Buttpad installed on AK stocks. (Photo: Magpul)

Magpul has released an updated front sight for the MBUS Pro and Offset Pro iron sights with a rectangular sight post that combines standard and match profiles. The company is also shipping a extended buttpad for the new MOE SL that adds padding and just a little extra to the length of pull.

The MBUS Pro Enhanced Sight Post is .06 inches wide on one side, the standard width for an AR front sight post, with a match-grade .04-inch profile going the other direction. With two sight posts in one, shooters can decide on the fly whether they want a fast, easy to acquire sight picture or a slower but more precise sight picture.

To switch post profiles you raise the sight to its full height, lift and turn it 90 degrees, and screw it back into position. The new front sight post has a suggested retail price of $9 and is steel with a corrosion- and scratch-resistant MIL-SPEC manganese phosphate finish.

The MOE SL Enhanced Buttpad adds 0.5-inches of rubberized polymer padding for anyone looking for an upgrade over the standard SL flat buttpad. The Enhanced Buttpad has a more aggressively-angled toe for shooting carbines high up on the shoulder. The non-slip polymer will help keep the rifle in place when shooting from awkward and improvised shooting positions.

For people shooting mostly ARs the added recoil mitigation won’t matter all that much, but then the new MOE SL Enhanced Buttpad also fits MOE and Zhukov AK stocks, and AKs can have a bit more felt recoil than ARs where the padding will be welcome.

The Enhanced Buttpad has a suggested retail price of $19. Real-world prices for Magpul accessories commonly lists for well under the MSRP.

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