Army vet credited for saving 6-year-old boy who almost drowned (VIDEO)

A U.S. Army veteran vacationing in Orlando is being called a hero for coming to the rescue when a 6-year-old boy almost drowned in a hotel pool.

Carlos Mullen and his fiancée, Christina Lamothe, were relaxing in their third-floor hotel room when they heard screams coming from below.

“I hear this blood curdling scream,” Lamothe said. “People were just screaming.”

Mullen went to the balcony and saw an unconscious boy lying on the concrete below. He yelled at the group surrounding him, then ran as fast as he could to get to the boy, who was completely unresponsive.

Mullen began performing CPR on the boy, who had apparently gone under and inhaled a large amount of water, and before long he started to once again show signs of life.

The family called Mullen a hero, but he said it’s the boy’s brothers who pulled him from the water that are the real heroes.

The boy spent the night in the hospital, but was released the following day and is doing fine.

[ Fox 35 ]

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