Deathbed tip leads to possible discovery of lost Nazi gold train (VIDEO)

Officials in Poland are nearly convinced that ground-penetrating radar has found a WWII German military train that could be loaded with lost treasure.

Located near Ksiaz Castle in the Polish city of Walbrzych, which during World War II was the German town of Waldenburg, could be a lost armored train. Its thought the train could be packed with looted treasures, archives or munitions.

Poland’s Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski said this week he is, “99 percent convinced,” that radar images shown to him by treasure hunters are that of an intact military train complete with gun turrets located underground.

The team searching for the lost locomotive was tipped off by the deathbed confession of a man who helped hide the train in the last days of the war as the Soviet Red Army was closing in.

Although historians contend there is no hard evidence of a train in the area like the one described, it is documented fact that the Germans dug more than five miles of secret underground tunnels in the area in the later part of the war as an effort to move factories and vital supplies safely under cover from Allied air attack.

Further, the existence of a lost train has been something of an urban legend in the region for seven decades.

And it looks like this particular legend may have a train-sized kernel of truth to it after all.

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