'Sun City ninja' comes forward, packed sword for wildlife protection (VIDEO)

A desert warrior spotted on surveillance cams walking the mean streets of an Arizona suburb in shorts and a katana has come forward with a pretty logical explanation.

The Sun City community of Maricopa County, Arizona, best known for its viral video of a high-speed llama pursuit earlier this year, made headlines again when residents looking at footage from their motion activated game camera spotted something stranger than South American pack animals.

Soon images of a man, dressed in shorts, sandals and a hooded shirt carrying a backpack and a Japanese-style sword appeared on two different occasions.

That’s when the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department got curious and went to the media for help.

This week, following local news coverage, the Sun City ninja came forward and disclosed he was simply accompanying his dog for late night walks and, concerned over predators such as coyotes and mountain lions, carried the sword for protection.

[ Sun City Independent ]

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