Hot blonde trolls pro-gunners with vlog on gun shopping (VIDEO)

Platinum blonde hair, long eyelashes, big blue eyes, pouty lips, and the voice of a southern belle. Many are quick to judge, but is real or a ruse?

Online celeb MollyAnn Wymer, from North Carolina, posted a video titled “I had to buy some protection” on Facebook discussing the difference between a “protection gun” and a “murder gun” that has gotten roughly 12.5 million views.

“I know that there are guns that attack people and there are guns that protect people and I would like the protection kind of gun,” she said she explained to a gun store clerk, who was in turn “not helpful.”

“So I bought a pink one because pink’s like feminine and I thought ‘well, that’s probably the safer bet because there’s more crazy men than crazy women in the world’ … If we could figure out how to get all of the murder guns and the attack guns, and not keep selling those to people, and just sell protection guns than I think that would be great and solve a lot of problems. But someone is gonna have to educate the people selling them.”

The responses online range from understanding to supportive to meme-heavy to downright vitriolic. She’s given updates to her followers on the progress of the video and posted a final message.

“The only thing that will save you at this point is to remember this: DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET!” she wrote.

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