The Handgun Sling: That's not how any of this works (VIDEO)

Every now and then there is an invention that revolutionizes the world and changes everything moving forward. The Handgun Sling is the other kind.

Popping up on YouTube last week advocated by JM Practical Solutions, with subscribers numbering in the low single digits, the Handgun Sling promises, “This ain’t your daddy’s holster. Learn how simply this unique holster works on this short video. It doesn’t get more ZERO BULK than this!”

However, there are a few tiny issues with the design which include having to muzzle flash most of the important parts of your lower body while you holster sling your handgun, that tricky bit about leaving the trigger guard open while you have a random cord bobbing around behind your back, and just the plain old fact of putting a pound or two of steel atop your spine tied to your belt that just gives us a weird feeling.

And its not just us. So far the video has eight (8) likes and 172 dislikes. Sadly, comments are blocked.

It goes right up there on the same list of slightly flawed inventions such as New Coke, subprime mortgages, hydrogen blimps and DDT that must have seemed like a good idea at first, but in the end probably shouldn’t have hit the market.

On the other hand, the CIA could always buy a C-130 load of Handgun Slings then airdrop them into ISIS-held areas with an instruction sheet of how they work and call it a day.

Gentlemen, we may have just won the war on terror.

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