Eastern European jiffy pop as 2,000 rounds of ammo get cooked off (VIDEO)


Somewhere in the former lands of the iron curtain it looks like there has been a decision to dispose of some old ammo, for which they brought in the devil’s popcorn maker.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Poehavshiy (a Russian word that translates roughly into “traveled”), is slim on details. His profile only shows a soccer-shirt wearing man in his twenties with a neckbeard in a spartan room decorated only with a German-made Merida mountain bike on the wall.

But what you can see in the glorious and under two minutes of action is a heavy metal cooker that looks like it was crafted from a recycled Dalek body, surrounded by a pile of ammo crates, spam cans and spent shells, hard at work doing what it does.

And it doesn’t sound like its cooking up a couple bricks of .22LR either.

Remember kids, when the pops are more than two seconds apart, you may be done.

On second thought, probably better just to let this one sit until for a few hours after making a batch. And of course, unless you work at an old Warsaw Pact munitions dump with a re-purposed Dr. Who robot, don’t try this at home.

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