From the beach to the boardroom, new gear from CFF

combat flip flops chest rig

Combat Flip Flops has some new kit coming out with a completely new series of neckties and flip flops for ladies. CFF is a veteran-led organization with the goal of reducing violence by spurring local business.

They are taking pre-orders for their “Chest Rig” ties in four lightly-textured colors, Agency Black, Scorched Earth, Claymore Green and Grey Man, with delivery slated for September. The ties are made in the USA with a blend of hemp fibers and recycled plastic bottles. The ties in all colors run $36.

“Bombshells,” the newest flip flips, are designed for women with a pointed toe and narrow sole and heel. CFF makes them in Light and Dark, with the Light model styled in the same fashion as the AK-47 flip flop and the dark model similar in style to the AR-15. Both Bombshells have nylon straps and are decorated with little chrome grenades.


Bombshells. (Photo: CFF)

The AK-47 is their flagship flip flop and is still one of their best sellers. Updated for 2015 the AK-47 maintains the same combat boot construction with a cow leather deck and straps embellished with 7.62x39mm case heads and embossed with poppies.

All of the CFF flip flops have combat boot outsoles, PVA midlayers and leather decks. They’re built to last for years and will hold up in conditions that would make a lot of shoes and boots fail. Plus they’re comfortable, look cool and support a good cause.

Combat Flip Flops is expanding, bringing in Smith Optics’ CEO Ned Post as an adviser with over 20 years of experience.

“Since meeting [CFF founder and CEO Matthew ‘Griff’ Griffin] and learning about Combat Flip Flops’ misson, I’ve been inspired. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your life turned upside down by the impact of war and while I don’t pretend to know what the solution is, I believe in what Combat Flip Flops is doing and can’t wait to join the movement,” he said.

They also landed Reebok vice president Paul Litchfield, who said, “I am extremely proud to have the chance to work with Griff and the Combat Flip Flops Team. CFF not only makes an array of cool product, but also brings a unique passion and commitment to business by focusing on the social and economic betterment of those living in areas of conflict around the world.”

Producing footwear and accessories in Afghanistan, Bogota, Laos and here in the U.S., CFF manufactures in hard-pressed economies in order to give locals options while bringing business opportunities to American veterans. In return they raise money to send women in Afghanistan to school and also to support the de-mining efforts in Southeast Asia.

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