Gun control group launches hashtag, has it immediately hijacked by pro-gun advocates

As a planned salvo against gun violence, Everytown for Gun Safety debuted their #whateverittakes campaign on twitter, and it seems to be getting away from them.

The group, backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, set up the social media campaign with a downloadable PDF file sign with a phrasal template that allows one to comment on gun violence, then encourages the user to upload a picture of them with the sign to social media with the “what ever it takes” hashtag.

As an ironic side-note, up until this week, the tag had been associated with former James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore’s Whatever It Takes charity that tackles global poverty alleviation in third world countries, as well as sports tags.

“Millions of Americans are feeling the same way about gun violence in America these days: Afraid. Betrayed. Angry. Just to name a few,” reads Everytown’s site for the new campaign. “It’s why people like you from across the country are demanding to be heard, and we’re going to make sure you are. So tell us, how do you feel about gun violence in America?”

And, it seems like a flood of folks did just that.

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