10mm Xtreme Penetrators vs. bulletproof glass (VIDEO)

YouTube gun channel 22plinkster decided to marry up his stash of stupidly thick bulletproof glass with his stash of 10mm ammo fired from a Glock 40.

Plinkster has worked his glass over with everything from .22LR to .500 S&W with the glass largely coming out on top. In this test he moved to some 10mm Armscor target ammo and then moves on to Lehigh Defense’s beast mode Underwood Xtreme Penetrator ammo.

Typical 10mm loads range from 135-200 grain bullets but most deliver over 600 ft. /pounds of energy and approach speeds of almost 1600fps. Well according to the specs from Underwood, their Xtreme P goes north of 700 ft.lbs and uses a 140-grain solid copper blunt nosed bullet for high “initial energy transfer and straight, deep penetration.”

So does it make it through the glass? Well let’s just point out that at some point, there really is no thing as “bulletproof.”

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