9 "gun guy" (and gal) acronyms you need to know

Acronyms can be clever and helpful. The military list of acronyms is quite extensive. Here are a few acronyms every gun owner and those interested self defense ought to know. By the way, I’m keeping the language clean since I’m not naturally inclined to use some words.

1. DRT—Dead Right There

Example: The homeowner shot the burglar in the face with her 12 gauge as he entered into her window. Obviously, he was DRT.

2. BAMF—Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm

Example: I recently heard about a gun manufacturer called Cobalt Kinetics that’s gaining some attention. Apparently BAMF means something other than what I thought it meant all along.

3. BFR—Big Flat Rock

Example: If you’re in a bind and you need an improvised tool or a hasty weapon, consider using a BFR.

4. DAO—Double Action Only

Example: The DAK is really a DAO. The “K” stands for Kellerman, the intern working at Sig Sauer at the time who developed that lame trigger, which has made Sig some big bucks.

5. BCG—Bolt Carrier Group

Example: When you’re building ARs, you need to search for a good BCG, made of quality material with a staked gas key.

6. EDC—Everyday Carry

Example: It’s good to have a knife, a gun and a light for EDC.

7. NFA—National Firearms Act

Example: I think the ATF needs to back off when it comes to NFAs. 

8. SBR—Short Barreled Rifle

Example: SBRs are a good option for CQB/CQC (close-quarter battle/combat).

9. DGU—Defensive Gun Use

Example: Before I started writing for Guns.com, I had never heard of the acronym DGU.

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