Irish boxer takes on a whole Turkish neighborhood in street brawl (VIDEO)

After an altercation over a bottle of water in an Istanbul market brought out shopkeepers with sticks, an Irish bare-knuckle boxer fought back.

The incident, captured on surveillance cameras, went down on Aug. 1 in Turkey’s capital city. The tourist, an Irish national, was shocked when a he was attacked after he accidentally knocked a bottle of water off a refrigerator.

“When the water fell on the ground I apologized to the shop owners, but they attacked me with sticks,” he told Turkey’s Show TV afterward.

After at first fighting back, he retreated to the street but the shopkeepers called in backup and soon the fighting Irishman, training to be a professional boxer, was fighting upwards of 15 men armed with plastic chairs, display cases, and sticks.

Although the man received a knife wound, a broken hand, injured his shoulder and lost his phone and watch in the incident, it looks like some of his opponents woke up sore the next day as well.

“They messed with the wrong man,” he said.

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