So there is now a belt-fed 9mm AR-15 upper out there

Just when you thought you had the AR upper game in check, Freedom Ordnance has debuted their FM-9 9mm belt fed AR-15/M-16 upper receiver.

The $1,895 FM-9 will drop on to any mil-spec AR-15 or M-16 lower receiver and, with the 150 links and belt bag that come standard, can convert your favorite black rifle into a belt-fed 9 milly with no further mods.

Why? Why not?

Freedom Ordnance advises they have tested it with 10,000 rounds of ammo to include that good Tula and Winchester white box stuff and it works well.

Best of all, they offer an 11-inch barrel option (NFA rules apply) and come standard with 1/2-28 T.P.I. barrel muzzle threads for those all-important accessories. Speaking of which, odds are the video above was done with a Title II compliant sear, just saying.

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