Disabled man who shot intruder told he is not allowed to have a firearm (VIDEO)

09/4/15 2:02 PM | by

Harvey Lembo

A 67-year-old disabled man who shot an intruder Monday, just hours after purchasing a handgun for protection, was told by the apartment management that he is not allowed to have a gun in his home.

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Harvey Limbo bought the gun after he was burglarized four times, but he never dreamed he would have to use it so soon – or that it would cause a stir with the apartment building’s management. Nonetheless, Limbo received a letter the day after he shot Christopher Wildhaber, 45, who had broken into his apartment to steal prescription pain killers. The letter stated that, per house rules and the lease agreement Limbo signed, he was not allowed to have a firearm.

“This is bull,” Lembo said, but nonetheless agreed to comply with the policy.

Russ Gagne, director of finance, for the Stanford Management Co., which manages the apartments where Lembo lives, said the policy is “to ensure the safety of all tenants,” but failed to acknowledge it was Lembo’s firearm – not the management or any of their policies – that kept the disabled, wheelchair-bound man safe.

Gagne said they are investigating the incident with Lembo, as well as ways to better keep the residents safe from home invasions and other crime.

[ Bangor Daily News ]

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