Hickok45 feels out the all-steel Smith Model 640 snubbie (VIDEO)

09/4/15 6:18 PM | by

Hickok45 feels out the all-steel Smith Model 640 snubbie (VIDEO)

Snub nosed revolvers are an acquired taste, and Hickok45 wets his appetite with the S&W Model 640 in an in-depth review.

Smith brought out their J-frame revolvers with the Chief’s Special in 1950 and a few years later went Centennial with a fully enclosed DAO hammer that conceals really well.

Today’s 640 is a continuation of that evolutionary chain, differing from the Airweight snubs by having an all-steel frame, which makes them a tad heavier at something like 24 ounces, but that’s a whole handful of .38 +P you bring to the party .

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