This laser system can smoke a drone in 15 seconds or less (VIDEO)

Boeing showed off their portable Compact Laser Weapons System (CLWS) last month in a test, flaming out a radio controlled aircraft is less time than it takes to heat a pop tart.

The CLWS is billed by the aerospace company as being silent, invisible and precise– basically, “a welding torch being put on target but from many hundreds of meters away.”

As part of Black Dart, an annual joint military exercise targeting drones in the battle space, CLWS zeroed in on a craft zipping around Point Mugu, California and upped the energy until it had a serious case of heartburn.

“If you are the receiving end of laser energy you would have no idea where it was coming from, or what was even happening.” has emailed for a test and evacuation sample for review, and is eagerly awaiting a reply.

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