Mythbusters on dodging a Star Wars laser bolt (VIDEO)

Using science and six films to figure out the speed of a Star Wars laser bolt, Adam and Jamie test to see if they could be dodged.

Of course, as Obi-Wan once said, “Only Imperial storm troopers are so precise” in their aim (only to be proven wrong at almost every juncture) the Mythbusters crew went full pneumatic to test this one, firing simulated foam bolts at a blistering rate of 130 mph which sounds fast– but is still just 190 feet per second.

You’d think that you could dodge that if given a little warning.

You’d think.

Good thing they aren’t testing the actual (1,200 fps) 9mm Sterlings the Storm Trooper blaster was based from or the actual speed of light itself as lasers typical travel (983,571,056 fps).

That could have gotten ugly.

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