West Point 'pillow' fight ends with 30 injured, 24 concussions (VIDEO)

An annual tradition, known as the “plebe pillow fight,” involving freshmen West Point cadets ended with some nasty injuries after several students apparently decided to up the ante and take the helmets, which they are required to wear during the pillow fight, and stuff them into their pillow cases. The not-so-friendly pillow fight resulted in 30 injuries, including broken legs and dislocated shoulders, as well as two dozen concussions.

The tradition dates back more than 100 years and marks the end of the seven-week basic training in which the cadets are not allowed to talk to one another. It’s meant to be a time for bonding, but according to one female freshman who watched a classmate get hauled away in an ambulance, “The goal was to have fun, and it ended up some guys just chose to hurt people.” She said at first it appeared to be funny – until the number and severity of the injuries became known.

According to Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker, academy officials are investigating the incident.

[ The New York Times ]

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