FL teen facing felonies after attempt to frame high school rival with weapons, drugs backfires

James HarrisonJames Harrison, 18, was charged with four felonies after he got busted for planting a gun, knife and a bag of pot in another student’s car in an attempt to “exact revenge” on the unsuspecting teen.

Harrison’s plan was to place a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver, a knife, and a “52 gram bag of marijuana” in his rival’s Honda while it was in the parking lot of a Clearwater, Florida, high school. Harrison then “directed another person to contact the school resource officer and Crimestoppers to report it,” according to the complaint.

Harrison thought the plan would lead his rival to be arrested and subsequently removed from the school, which was the goal of his sweet revenge, but Harrison’s plot was foiled when another student caught him placing the items in the vehicle and reported what he saw.

Eventually Harrison fessed up to the plan, although authorities did not reveal the hangup between the two teens and why Harrison was seeking revenge.

[ The Smoking Gun ]

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