Self-employed carpet cleaner cleans vet's headstones in his spare time (VIDEO)

Dubbed a “good cemeterian” by local media, Andrew Lumish is a carpet cleaner in Lutz, Florida, who has spent the last two and a half years cleaning the grave markers of military veterans on his days off.

“The tombstones themselves are typically in poor condition,” Lumish said, noting that sometimes they are so dirty the inscriptions can barely be seen and some of the gravestones date back to the Civil War.

“It’s something that I feel I should do to give them the proper respect for fighting for our country,” he added.

Lumish, who is also a history buff, has spent time finding the right products to properly clean the limestone, slate, marble and granite grave markers without causing any damage to them. Lumish said they are not just stones, the grave markers represent real people who once had real lives.

[ WFTS ]

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