Kids go fishing and snag loaded Bersa 380 complete with extra mag (VIDEO)

In the Waterford Lakes area of Orange County, Florida, three young anglers reeled in a plastic bag that held more than some old stink bait.

As reported by Fox 35, the unidentified minors were fishing in a freshwater pond on Labor Day weekend when one of them pulled up a green garbage bag that, when untied, produced a loaded .380 ACP with the hammer cocked, two mags and 37 rounds of ammunition– which if you have a .380 you know the latter may be worth more than the gun itself.

Joe Corica, a security guard for the Waterford Lakes Community Association, interceded and contacted authorities who impounded the weapon to try and trace an owner. As for the gun’s origins, Corica thinks its fishy and not just from being in the pond.

“To ditch a gun in a lake in a plastic bag , wrapped up in a wash cloth, with bullets that are loose and loaded clips. Somebody had gotten rid of it for some reason. That’s what I believe,” said Corica.

He said clips didn’t he?

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