Magpul shipping new Sand parts and 700 Hunter stocks

magpul moe sl sand

Magpul is giving its newest MOE SL furniture the Sand treatment using an updated, extra-durable dyeable polymer. Magpul introduced the Sand polymer earlier this year with a new line of magazines.

In addition to being tougher in all conditions, even the cold where polymers turn brittle, Magpul’s Sand polymer can be easily customized with dye, water transfer prints and paint. It’s a blank canvas of sorts, ready for any and all designs.

The company is also shipping the highly-anticipated Hunter stock for Remington 700-pattern short-action rifles. These polymer stocks are cast then machined for utmost precision, with hard-anodized aluminum bedding blocks and a fully-adjustable length of pull and comb height with interchangeable cheek risers. The length of pull is adjustable with spacers from 13 to 15 inches.

magpul 700 stocks

For hunters, target shooters and the tactical crowd, the Hunter 700 is now shipping. (Photo: Magpul)

The stock accepts all factory barrel profiles and trigger groups. The bedding system free-floats the barrels and the stock provides M-Lok slots along the forend for accessories, including sling mounts. The buttstock can be outfitted with quick-detach sling swivels as well.

Currently offered in black, with flat dark earth, olive drab and Magpul’s stealth gray to follow, are priced at $259, a very competitive price in a market full of higher-priced Remington 700 options. With its modern profile and aggressive pistol grip the Hunter 700 stock is a contender for shooters everywhere.

Magpul likewise shipping Sand MOE SL buttstocks, pistol grips and carbine-length SL handguards. They have also updated their Sand magazines to include 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-round PMags as well as windowed PMags.

Magpul is also now making .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO magazines cast with Sand polymer, bringing the improved composition to the AR-10 world. They’re currently shipping the PMag LR/SR Gen M3 mags to distributors now for sale nation-wide, with the updated SL furniture to follow.

The .308 Win. magazines are shipping in both 10- and 20-round configurations with all the Gen M3 improvements, including the slimline floorplate, new grip texture and matrix index and self-leveling follower.

The 20-round magazine is priced at $19 and the 10-rounder $18, with lower prices expected from retailers nation-wide. Magpul hasn’t announced prices on their Sand SL furniture but the magazines are priced in-line with the standard black mags and it would be surprising if the Sand furniture costs any more by much.

magpul 308 pmag

.308/7.62 Sand PMags are now shipping. (Photo: Magpul)

Sand furniture and magazines can be dyed in just about any color darker than the light tan shade they are naturally, and the plastic takes to paint and other finishes readily. Magpul’s Sand can be finished with bright colors, too, it’s not limited to the tactical rainbow of grays and drab hues. And because it absorbs dye the finish won’t chip, peel or wear off as easily, either.

It’s easy to dye these parts at home with common hobby shop dye kits, in a kitchen sink or even a bucket outside. With rubber bands, wax and other colors it’s possible to pattern and stylize the parts to match any AR build.

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