The M60 backpack and its IronMan cousin (VIDEOS)

For your viewing pleasure relax with these videos of an M60E4 rigged with a back-mounted chute feed, and its active duty cousin, the M240 IronMan system.

The concept of backpacking a load of linked ammo for a general-purpose machine gun has been around for a minute, with the Navy’s weapon gurus at China Lake creating flexible pack systems for the M60 back in the Vietnam days.

The above video shows an uber-sweet backpack-fed M60E4 (Mk 43) being shot at a recent Lawrenceville Machinegun Shoot. It uses a flex chute feed from an ammo can carried on what looks like the backpack of an old ALICE frame.

And it for sure gets the job done.

The below is the High-Capacity Ammunition Carriage System, a 500-round ammunition pack better known as the IronMan used in conjunction with the M60’s nominal replacement, the M240. Developed by the U.S. Army’s Natick’s Quick Reaction Cell, it has been around since 2011.

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