Cats versus Zombies, it's a thing now (VIDEO)

With the zombie genre seemingly incapable of staying dead, we give you a Russian short film telling the story of two cats who elect to save their little buddy from the walking dead.

Sure, ever since Bela Lugosi uttered those lines in nearly-forgotten zombie film in the 1930s, these shambling creatures have been put through the ringer and are still going strong.

And this two-minute film has everything:

-Dual wielding? Check.
-Domestic short hair cats rocking subguns? Check.
-A Venture Brothers-quality Wilhelm scream thrown in the background? Check.
-Explosive Mix Tape? Check (in Dolby).
-A zombie in a trilby getting smoked? YES! Bring on the check!

If nothing else, it gives the NSA something to look forward to.

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