How to get the gremlin out of your Vz.58 trigger (VIDEO)

The Slovenian-based Polenar Tactical guys know a thing or two about the guns of the area, and Ziga shares the tribal knowledge to hack a common problem with the Vz.58 trigger.

The Czechoslovakian (now just Czech) Sa Vz.58 was one of the best military rifles of the 20th Century and, in many cases, is preferred over the ubiquitous AK-47 platform it shares the 7.62x39mm caliber with. However, when civilian and military parts are mixed, there can sometimes be an issue with the trigger release which can allow it to work its way around like a pack of smokes in the penitentiary.

That’s where Ziga comes in.

And, after you sit through that, reward yourself with the video below of Polenar Tactical’s Manca running her Vz.58 alongside a HK G3 for the first time.

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