Whataburger employee to cops: 'We don't serve police' (VIDEO)

Two police officers on their way to start a night shift security job stopped to grab a burger at a Lewsville, Texas, Whataburger, but were shocked when an employee refused them service.

According to Officer Cameron Beckham and reserve deputy Michael Magovern the employee said, “We don’t serve police.”

“He said it with a straight face, no smile and just stared at us,” said Magovern, who added he has always known the company to be supportive of law enforcement. “Even if he was joking, I’m not going to eat here because I don’t trust that.”

Magovern said he knew the problem was with the employee, not a corporate issue. Whataburger called the incident “completely unacceptable” and has since fired the employee.

[ CBS News ]

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