New Frontier Armory's low-cost engraving service


(Photo: New Frontier)

New Frontier Armory now offers a couple of services that make building a Short-Barreled Rifle that much easier. These services dovetail nicely with the company’s new C-9 AR-based lower receiver that uses Glock-pattern magazines.

Shop services include receiver engraving to comply with NFA SBR requirements and bolt modification to work with Glock magazines. These services are priced right at $45 for the engraving and $54 for the bolt machining — just what you need to get started on an AR-style 9mm SBR that runs on Glock mags.

Of course you don’t have to be building a pistol-caliber AR to benefit from their engraving service. Anyone making an SBR can take advantage of their service, which has a short three- to five-day turnaround time.

new frontier armory glock mag lower

A 9mm AR is the perfect starting point for building an SBR. (Photo: New Frontier Armory)

With the AR-15 market reaching an unprecedented level of saturation people are looking for something a little different than your basic or even tricked-out AR-15, and in response, the pistol-caliber AR market is expanding, fast.

New Frontier Armory shook things up this June when they introduced the C-9, an AR-style lower that uses Glock magazines. What sets it apart is the price; at $169 it’s the most affordable Glock mag lower today.

This means they sell out fast. The best way to get one is to sign up to receive an in-stock notification by email, and get out your wallet quickly before they sell out again.

They also offer factory bolts that are compatible with Glock magazines for people starting from scratch, including a modular bolt with an interchangeable bolt face that can be converted to fire multiple cartridges, and they’re working on “slick sided” uppers for the future.

Pistol-caliber SBRs make a lot of sense. Most handgun cartridges don’t benefit from rifle-length barrels and even with short barrels have less flash and muzzle blast than common intermediate cartridges.

These benefits make them fun at the range, easy to handle and great for personal protection. These guns are popular across the board from recreational shooters to professionals including law enforcement.

A couple of things held back this segment of the AR market in the past, namely, that they were in limited production, and what was available was not particularly affordable. New Frontier Armory is making it possible to build a Glock mag AR SBR for a lot less than you’d expect.

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