Shooting the rare Colt CMG-3 machine gun (VIDEO)

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons takes an in depth look (to include some trigger time) at Colt’s “Unicorn,” the CMG-3 light machine gun.

The CMG-3 was made back in the Vietnam-era for testing by the Navy SEALs who wanted a belt-fed light machine gun in hard-hitting 7.62x51mm NATO. While functional, the Colt chopper got beat out by the excellent Stoner LMG for that niche. It seems the CMG-3 had a service life in testing of about 30,000 rounds (hey its a light machine gun) which the Navy balked at.

About five are known to have been made which makes this one something of a cryptid in the same category of as Bigfoot and Chupacabra.

Only Chupacabra doesn’t go 7.62 NATO.

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