Texas man arrested after vandalizing his own vehicle with 'Black Lives Matter' graffiti (VIDEO)

A disabled veteran from Whitney, Texas, was arrested Friday and charged with making a false police report after authorities determined that the vandalism to the man’s vehicle was caused by his own hands.

Scott Lattin claimed vandals targeted his pickup truck and spray painted “Black Lives Matter” on it because of the messages he had displayed showing support for law enforcement. However, according to Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley investigators took a second look at the case after noticing discrepancies in police evidence videos and a video taken by local media. Namely, the police video did not show damage to the inside of the truck, but a video later taken by local media showed the truck’s glove box had been ripped out and the seats slashed open.

Bentley called the case “very disturbing.” Apparently one of Lattin’s family members started a Go Fund Me account to help pay for the damages, and the account has already brought in nearly $6,000, in addition to several other offers Lattin has received for help. Bentley said he and the District Attorney are working to determine what needs to be done with the donations.

Lattin initially denied the allegations when confronted by reporters, but later admitted to investigators that he caused the damage to the inside of the vehicle for insurance purposes.

[ Fox 4 News ]

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