Elftmann Tactical's got a new drop-in AK trigger

elftmann tactical elf ak flat trigger

Elftmann Tactical has announced a new drop-in trigger for AK-pattern rifles. Like its AR triggers, it’s a complete fire control package with no assembly required.

With a suggested retail price of $295 it’s at the high end of aftermarket AK triggers, but no so bad when you compare it to similar drop-in AR triggers. It’s a single-stage trigger that’s user-adjustable between 4 and 5 pounds with a wide hammer and extra-power hammer spring to ensure ignition with the hardest primers.

elftmann tactical elf ak hammer

The hammer is wide at .375 inches across and pivots on a sealed bearing. (Photo: Elftmann)

Like a lot of companies in the gun industry Elftmann tapped aerospace to guide product development and uses sealed bearings installed in the hammer and trigger to ensure the smoothest most predictable trigger pull, little overtravel and a short, fast reset.

The core trigger parts are all hardened steel with a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish with a red anodized aluminum trigger housing.

The Elftmann team has tested it with a spread of AK rifles and haven’t found any standard variants that don’t work with their trigger although it may not work with converted Saiga sporters.

They are working on another model specifically for Saigas. The first model of Elf AK-47 trigger is shipping this week with a straight trigger shoe; they will have a curved model in another week or two.

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