Marine with service dog says he was denied seat on American Airlines flight (VIDEO)

Retired Marine Capt. Jason Haag said he was denied a seat on an American Airlines flight at the Los Angeles International Airport Sunday because he was accompanied by his service dog, Axel.

Haag said as he went to board the plane, the airline employee became combative and downright disrespectful toward him, essentially accusing him and his service dog of being fake. Incidentally, not only is Axel a genuine, certified service dog, Haag, along with his wife and Axel were all returning home from the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards where Axel had just been honored as the Service Dog of the Year.

Haag, who suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in the Middle East, said while American Airlines’ policy states service dogs must meet at least one of four listed requirements, Axel met not one, but three of the four. Still, Haag was not only denied his seat aboard the airplane, but hounded by the employee about the dog as well as Haag’s disability.

The entire ordeal left Haag and his wife completely humiliated and emotionally distraught. However, American Airlines responded to the allegations and claimed Haag was never denied a seat, but instead opted not to board. A response which made Haag simply laugh in disbelief.

[ USA Today ]

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