Ripping out 7.62x54R in a suppressed Soviet PKM (VIDEO)

Australian gun aficionados Steve and Marchy came across a couple PKM machine guns on travels around South East Asia– including one that is (slightly) suppressed.

Stephen Gary “Steve” Lee is an Aussie country musician and gun rights advocate who tends to walk the Earth with his buddy Marchy and crew seeking out oddball stuff to shoot and blow up. Kinda like Ted Nugent meets Crocodile Dundee meets Kwai Chang Caine.

And on their continuing adventures in Cambodia, which is absolutely awash in arms dating from old French bolt action rifles from WWII to Chicom and Soviet gear from the Vietnam conflict-era, they find some neat stuff.

Like the two PKMs above.

One of which is equipped with a suppressor that looks like a 4-D cell Maglite and works about as well.

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