Shotgun-toting pastor protects anti-gay sign (VIDEO)

Dr. Ed Taylor said he will not longer stand for a sign outside of his Gatlinburg church being continuously vandalized and is now protecting the controversial sign with a 12-gauge shotgun in hand.

The sign proclaims to passersby that no same-sex marriages will be performed at the church, but some aren’t taking too well to the proclamation.

“They’re glued but they’re prying the letters off and throwing them on the ground,” Taylor said. “Sometimes we can’t even find them.”

But Taylor admitted he doesn’t really have any intentions of actually using the gun and, in fact, it’s not even loaded.

“It’s just a reminder we are here to protect the principal of our basic beliefs upon which America was founded,” Taylor said, adding that he does have another gun handy – which is loaded – that he is ready to use should anyone try to make good on the death threats he has received.

[ Local 8 ]

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