'Rebel Joe' to be removed from downtown Gainseville (VIDEO)

A Confederate monument that has stood outside of a county administration building in Gainesville for more than 100 years will be torn down and taken to a museum, a county commission voted 3-2 Tuesday.

“I’m just grateful to see it moved,” said Jesse Arost, who started the petition to have the statue known as “Rebel Joe” taken down.

But opinions are divided on what Rebel Joe really stands for.

“It was put there as a whitewashing campaign intended to substitute a myth for actual historical understanding,” Arost said.

Commissioner Lee Pinkoson, who voted against the statue’s removal, simply said, “It’s a statue commemorating the dead.”

Arost noted that by moving the statue to a museum, “instead of promoting white supremacy it will promote historical understanding.”

[ WJCB ]

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